girl in a box

there was a movie called girl in a box it was based in a true story about a young woman that was abducted and held captive in a box for seven years what I discovered is unlike that girl many women live in a box of their own design and their own creation and [...]

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what are YOU waiting for?

I recently returned from a trip “not feeling well” I waited a day, then another and then another and still another hoping it would pass finally I thought “I should go to the doctor” so I did   I felt measurably better after the first day of following the suggested course of treatment and [...]

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your default future

The beauty of your default future is you don't have to do a damn thing to make it happen it will, by definition, happen all on it's own!   how's that for awesome? or is it?   so here's a question: does your default future inspire you? in other words does your life bring [...]

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