write it down!

my almost 12 year old daughter illustrated the point I wanted to make to you this week with perfection here's how it went: we celebrate hanukkah then my sister was here for christmas and then it's her birthday (the big 1-2) on january 4th so she made a list of things she wanted a [...]

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ugh holidays… I mean, happy holidays!!

It's almost that time of year again you know, the time when you're supposed to be snuggling by the fire with all your nearest and dearest, and a list THIS LONG of party invitations a closet full of presents, each selected with loving care, wrapped to perfection that feeling of warmth and total satisfaction [...]

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i LOVE hannukah!

LOVE Hanukkah - it's my favorite not like Joey and the 8 nights of presents, but from a more sacred place I love that it's about miracles and joy and light something that was not possible coming to fruition and all that represents I love that it falls just before the NEW Year (not [...]

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