the big lie

It’s not you, it’s me we’ve all heard that 1 million times(it’s actually a joke at this point) I’m going to say something revolutionary, and probably unpopular: it’s YOU (and there’s so much freaking power there!) if you aren't living a JOYFUL LIFE that inspires you daily, it's you I underwent an amazing transformation [...]

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my biggest time waster

here's a little secret about me i LOVE to save money and I always think I can save money by doing "it" whatever "it" is, myself that I SHOULD be able to figure out pretty much anything and often I can...EVENTUALLY for simple things, no problem but there are things in life that just require expertise [...]

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it’s my daughter’s birthday today

I know I should write about the new year everybody's doing it you know but the truth is, my little girl was born TODAY and I am distracted by that 12 years ago today I was in labor scared, excited, expectant, in pain dying to meet her I wondered who she would be (and [...]

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