now what?

in my mom revolution group a collective feeling has been bubbling up with some of the women unease, loss of self, overwhelm mourning that elusive envisioned life whether you are trapped in a marriage that doesn’t fulfill you a life that doesn’t fill fill you or immersed in the seeming monotony of never ending [...]

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do you own your worth?

Today I completed my 30-day “own your womanly worth / dress for the life you want / did you shower today?” what I’ve learned owning my womanly worth is a daily practice (dressing and showering are optional) some food for thought: when you have nothing, your word will always belong to you so you [...]

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why I love my mom

I believe the time to ask for permission has come to an end... which brings me to my mom I don’t know about you and your mom, but I LOVE mine I feel lucky to have her - even when she gets on my last nerve Well, maybe not then - but most of [...]

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