do you have people?

the other day I went to a bbq at a friend's (she's got a big messy family, lots of siblings, lots of noise, lots of joy) and when i got home I noticed how quiet it was at my house too quiet so I am on a quest to change that for a number [...]

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my life almost ended today (seriously!)

my life almost ended today and it scared the sh$% out of me it was an awakening, a reality check, a come to jesus moment I’m not done yet I’m not even remotely complete with the mission I am here to carry out: to help women create extraordinary, fulfilling, JOYFUL lives, even when life [...]

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the cost of autopilot!!

Friday inspiration from your joyful life strategist Are you leading with pleasure? (or is the programming you don’t even know you have running the show?) Whenever I’m in New York staying at my moms I always go to this one specific coffee truck and get a coffee for my bliss walk (did you know [...]

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worst present ever

this weekend shop rite had gift wrapped heart shaped meat topped with a big bow! did you see it? good job marketing guy (a woman would NEVER think that was a great idea) my own, personal response was WTF?!! normally on Mother’s Day I write a lengthy tribute to each and every mama out [...]

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are you pushing people away?

do you push people away when what you really want is to pull them close? this was my favorite childhood board game (I was never any good at it - I have a shaky hand) but it was still thrilling to try to reach those little tweezers in and grab the plastic bones just [...]

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