waiting and hoping

If I had a dollar for every woman I know who is “waiting and hoping” for something to change in her life AND I then pasted all those dollars end to end I would have a chain almost as long as a cvs receipt (NOTE: approaching serious situations with humor doesn’t diminish the situation, [...]

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best valentine of all time!

every Valentine's Day I trot out my favorite valentine - the love letter to yourself after all this is the day of self-love so let your self love sink in - the love for the exquisite woman you are the exquisite mother, sister, daughter, aunt, rockstar bad ass all of it ❤️and take a few minutes to [...]

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hey beautiful!

hey, you are beautiful, and not just when someone manages to snap a good pic of you, though that never hurts. what I mean is: you. are. beautiful. every day. all the time. even when you overeat. even when you don't shower. even when you're having a crummy mom or a bad sister or [...]

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