it’s my birthday!!

my daughter promised me breakfast in bed

but I’ve been up for hours

and she is out cold

so for now I’ll share some birthday wisdom


I have learned along the way

that time does not heal wounds

it won’t mend your bad marriage

or your crap job

or your reluctant relationship with your sister


you can’t ride it out

like you would a storm


you have to batten down the hatches

put down sandbags

take action


relentless responsibility

is the healer of wounds

one next right step

taken after  the other


each day is a miracle

a new opportunity

thousands of shiny moments

each brimming with possibility

choice upon choice

whose outcome impact the next moment

and the next

and the next

and those are a life


this year I will do better

assume the best

act as if

take more chances

play more

say yes when it’s yes

and no when it’s no

let dishes wait

put people first

myself included


it’s going to be a very, very good year

I wish the same for you


my birthday and

the actual writing of this post

were actually august 30th

but the message is timeless