My (former) lawn guy told me this gorgeous, thriving plant was dead

Grass cutting is in his wheelhouse. So is doing a semi-decent job blowing debris off the patio.

But plant whispering brilliance? Not so much.

At the time Spring hadn’t sprung yet, but not only was he wrong, he was arrogant, jerking a thumb in said plant’s direction – “dead” he sneered, “you gotta get rid of it”

Good thing I didn’t listen – 2 weeks later the whole thing went to bud (my plant lingo isn’t perfect, it’s not my brilliance either, but I don’t claim it is)

So I wonder who you’re listening to about the things in your life like:
  • your struggling and imperfect marriage, for instance
  • finding joy in the “same old, same old daily grind”
  • resolving how it all was supposed to look and where you thought you’d be by now
  • remembering who you are and figuring out where the heck you went (when you got lost along the way)
  • why you can’t seem to be happy and what’s “wrong with you”

those ARE my areas of brilliance and where I can help you way more than say, your best friend, your mom, your sister…

I see the whole picture – clarity is my super power, that and creating strategies for richly satisfying joyful living, not just some of the time but most of the time

If I had listened to my lawn guy, I would’ve dug that plant up, never knowing that this beauty was on it’s way

The truth is, when I replanted it a few years ago, it struggled and I almost gave up on it. Luckily it just needed time to find its’ way, not to mention a boatload of rain.

But life isn’t like that – For the most part, time just passes. Things don’t just work themselves out. Waiting to see what happens isn’t enough – sometimes we need help.

if you want to talk about how I might help you, you can find me here: