on Saturdays I get emails from TWO of my mentors

(EVERY Saturday, like clockwork)

I look forward to them – which doesn’t mean I read them every time
but I love that they show up

it makes me feel like someone has my back
(and that is a GREAT feeling)

so I started doing that for MY people
(and you can be one of them by opting in at the bottom of this blog post)
because having people is EVERYTHING

EVERY FRIDAY I send you something
it might be a bit of inspiration, a writing prompt, an image, a quote

you don’t have to read them
you don’t have to reply
you don’t have to DO anything

(except maybe revel in the FEELING that someone’s got you – and that someone is me)

this was, in part, prompted by a conversation I had this week with a client of mine from awhile back

I’ve been keeping up with her
I follow her on facebook
I like and comment on her posts
she LOOKED like everything was going FABULOUSLY WELL

the thing is, somewhere along the way, she lost her way

life has a way of getting in the way
creating a sort of amnesia about how POWERFUL we are
and so we forget

she forgot

so I reminded her of her greatness
and how to generate it for herself

THIS is what I told her:

begin and end EVERY day by saying this OUT LOUD:

I am POWERFUL beyond measure!

I said:
remove “though” and “but” and “because” from your vocabulary
they’re apologetic and you have nothing to be apologetic about

you are KILLING IT!

I left her with this:
you’ve got this and I believe in you

that’s the truth


a magnificent, powerful, warrior is what you are

I salute you, I honor you, I am you

get whatever it is you came for
do whatever it is you are here to do
overcome whatever it is you have to overcome to be who you are meant to be

and don’t ever stop!

you’ve got this and I believe in you

(and that’s the truth)