Today I completed my
30-day “own your womanly worth / dress for the life you want / did you shower today?”

what I’ve learned

owning my womanly worth is a daily practice
(dressing and showering are optional)

some food for thought:

when you have nothing, your word will always belong to you
so you should keep it no matter what

bathing your body from head to toe is the simplest form of self care
take time in the shower to slowly massage shampoo into that gorgeous hair of yours, then lovingly rinse it out

caress your beautiful face while applying moisturizer

NOT what’s left on your hands after you put lotion on
REAL moisturizer, the good stuff, the best you can afford

(you’re worth it)

you are worthy

your value is immeasurable

you have nothing to prove

you deserve to hold your head high
walking down the street, or into a room or when you look in the mirror

sometimes life feels hard

the truth is

sometimes it is

the truth is

a joyful life is made up of so many things

what you focus on, what you’re willing to do, who you’re willing to be, how you’re willing to show up

and you can have it – I believe in you

I desire a joyful, juice running down the arm kind of life

filled with deeply satisfying relationships, rich experiences

and you my friends

en fuego


if this inspires you, but you don’t know what to do, I’m right here
and I’ve got you