It is a natural part of life and expression of ourselves to grow; to blossom and transform, to authentically stretch and expand into our true callings, our most authentic, natural selves.  To deny or or interrupt that process is to begin to die, slowly and painfully. 

On my walk this morning I had a rather strange but nonetheless divine vision about that.  In life, for each of us, there is “bathroom training”.  Phase one is cozy.  There is love.  It is warm and safe.  There is singing and smiles.  Then phase two happens.  It is our equivalent of being shoved from the nest.  We’re not ready.  We’re afraid.  We don’t know what to expect.  We are alone.  We resist.  Many a little one has hidden behind the couch, red faced, making in their pants because the mere thought of the potty, terrifying and unknown in it’s newness, is just too much to bear.  In phase three we overcome.  We just do it.  We sit on the potty.  We make. Hugs, celebration, joy.  It is our rite of passage to “big kid”. 

As adults, we don’t think about it.  We just go.  We know where to go and what to do, but there was that time when it was scary, and we hid behind the couch.

Unearthing our magnificent selves is like that.  It’s scary and we don’t know what to expect, and we don’t want to let go BUT when we do, anything and everything is possible.

I have a sister, an extremely fashionable, quasi-perfect sister, perhaps you can relate.  She will say, “This does not resonate for me.  This will be a turn off to the people I know”.  And that is okay.  Those people may not be MY people.  But just maybe they are, and just maybe they have a tiny voice, an inner longing to be free, to express themselves unapologetically, that they have pushed waaaaay down for a very long time.  And that little voice just might be saying, “Come out here, from behind the couch.  You are safe.  You can do this”.

And that little voice would be right.