you are beautiful, and not just when someone manages to snap a good pic of you, though that never hurts.

what I mean is:

you. are. beautiful. every day. all the time.

even when you overeat. even when you don’t shower. even when you’re having a crummy mom or a bad sister or an angry spouse moment, or day

even when you are at your worst. you are beautiful

that gorgeous heart of yours, that bravery, that vulnerable, warty white underbelly, that smile, that hair, that soft skin, those crows feet, the light that shines in those eyes

the amazing friend you are, when you do something nice when no one is looking and you don’t tell anyone, when you do good, when you think good thoughts, when you keep a secret, when you show up, I could go on and on

you are beautiful

(in case you forgot)



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