LOVE Hanukkah – it’s my favorite

not like Joey and the 8 nights of presents, but from a more sacred place

I love that it’s about miracles and joy and light
something that was not possible coming to fruition and all that represents

I love that it falls just before the NEW Year
(not the “same old shit” year)

I love the MAGIC of lighting candles each night, of the pure possibility held in those flames for miracles to occur in our lives

and every year, I LOVE cleaning last years wishes and dreams out of the menorah and making way for fresh miracles to occur

this year I’m blessed to be serving more women than ever, some near, some far, some one on one, and some in groups

I’m blessed to be serving myself and my beautiful daughter and modeling for her a life well lived, a JOYFUL life

So Happy Hanukkah to you and to yours

may all your dreams come to fruition