when I’m walking I find myself thinking about how to rearrange my furniture, as if by having it in exactly the right place, life will snap into sharp focus with a satisfying click

like a big puzzle

But honestly life doesn’t work like that

There are moments of satisfaction, and clicking but there are also moments of stuck-ness and overwhelm and fear

there are moments of leaping
(even when you’re afraid or just plain don’t wanna)

and hustle
and how you show up
and what you’re known for
and what others can count on you for

these are the things that define you
(and you get to say what they are)

every morning I share my “daily download” on facebook
and I often wondered if those messages provided inspiration to others
(and not just me)

THIS morning I got back from my bliss walk to find a message from a much loved client

she was checking in on me because she noticed there had been no early morning posts from me today so she wanted to make sure I was okay

(I had two calls and didn’t want to get sucked into fb and all it’s glory before I left so I did a bit of a switcheroo today)

that felt GOOD and It struck me – yes virginia, there is a santa claus and yes, gorgeous woman reading this right now

it matters

who you are and how you show up in life matters

what people can count on you for matters

I LOVE being counted on as someone who makes people’s mornings (and lives) brighter and more joyful

being someone who gives people hope

(and inspiration and insight and action steps and accountability and all the rest of the things that make up a joyful life)

that feels good and authentic for me

what about you?

do you know what folks think of when they think of you?

what if you were able to create that with love and intention
(rather than by default)

what if you could create your WHOLE life like that?

can you even?

just for fun, ask 10 people what 3 words come to mind when they think of you

then make a list and keep it somewhere handy to remind you of YOUR authentic greatness!!

(if that scares the bejesus out of you or you want help, just hit reply and we can talk about it, okay?)