as a child
I loved taking things apart
to see what made them go
sometimes I had more success than others
I once fixed a blender
I once destroyed the wind up music
from my most loved dog
affectionately known as
“one ear”
so it wasn’t a great leap
for me
to help people fix
their insides
discovering together
what makes them go
and reinventing and course correcting
along the way
until we unearth
their most authentic tunes

for things electric
the fix is obvious
for people
often less so
sometimes a niggling feeling
that something isn’t right
(like madeline)
sometimes a wound
that needs healing
and sometimes
a life that needs

the solution
always begins
where it’s not shiny
and as the truth emerges
our inner light
cannot be contained

so I’m dying to know
what tune are you humming

these days?