I know I should write about the new year
everybody’s doing it you know

but the truth is, my little girl was born TODAY
and I am distracted by that

12 years ago today I was in labor
scared, excited, expectant, in pain

dying to meet her

I wondered who she would be
(and what she would be like)

would she be sporty?
would she be clever?
would she be happy?

yes, yes, and most of the time yes

every year, she becomes more and more of herself

smart, sassy, STUBBORN, delicious, and BIG

my little girl is getting big

(I had to exchange presents because she was TOO big)

MY little patoot, too big – imagine!!

she is a constant reminder of time passing
of how I’m doing

in my life
as a mom
as a business owner
as a human

am I where I want to be?
have i reached my goals?
am i worthy of her?
am I enough?

am i someone we can both be proud of?

I want her to know that she can accomplish ANYTHING she sets her mind to

and I am the example of what’s possible
it’s why I never give up
it’s why the bad days are so bad
it’s why the good days are so fantastic

because everything she knows she learns from me

not just what i say, but what I do, how I behave, what i believe

(and between you and me, I’m doing a pretty great job)

I’m proud of who i am, how I show up, the contribution I am in the world

is everyday perfect?
not by a long shot

my big girl sees me stumble
she sometimes sees me fall
and she sees me get back up each and every time

because EVERY DAY is another chance to swing for the fences
to feel your heart swell with joy when you get it right
to cut yourself a break when you don’t

I do it for her
I do it for me
I do it for you

who do you do it for?

whoever it may be, swing away!!

(and happy new year)

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