“Not to brag, but I’m kind of a big deal.” Does that make you TOTALLY uncomfortable? What if it didn’t? How would it feel to say that, out loud (and mean it)? Can you even? Imagine, you, unshakably confident you, out there in the world owning your worth and your dazzle, being 100% yourself – What would THAT be like?

Confidence is sexy. It’s magnetic. It’s freedom. It’s a visible, tangible manifestation of a life RIPE with joy and deep connection to your truest self, the merging of self and soul.

A joyful life experience is WHY WE ARE HERE.

Joy School is for you if you are a woman who is ready to stop shrinking to fit and start owning the room because, life is short my friend, and you deserve to have the most kick ass, joyful one imaginable – not someday, one day, but THIS day.

It’s for you if:

You are feeling stuck, lost, hopeless, uninspired, like things aren’t “so bad”.

You’re dying to untether yourself from who you thought you needed to be and reconnect with and embrace the woman you always knew you were.

Time passes regardless of whether you’re out there, creating a life that brings you joy every day, or couch surfing, waiting for something to happen.


Imagine this:

You’re in a plane that’s sitting on the runway and the flight attendant comes on the loudspeaker to go over “what to do in an emergency”. You don’t pay much attention, if at all. You’ve heard it before. You check your email, text a friend, watch a cute video of puppies and baby goats in pajamas on facebook, read and wait to take off.

Spoiler alert – This plane story has nothing to do with “putting on your oxygen mask first so that you can help others” – We’ve all heard that one a thousand times. This story is about saving your own life because your life is worth everything.

So imagine THIS:

You’re at 30,000 feet and that same plane is being tossed around like a tin can by a crazy bout of turbulence, the overhead bins are open and luggage is falling around you, the oxygen masks have come down and that same flight attendant comes on the loudspeaker. Are you still reading your book? Probably not. He’s got your undivided attention. You hang on every word, listening like your life depends on it, because it very well might.

THIS is that moment.

Maybe you’re secretly underwhelmed by how your life turned out. 

Maybe you’re tired of going through the motions.

Maybe everyone else’s life just looks SO GOOD and yours doesn’t seem to measure up.

Maybe you’ve been waiting for some unknown thing to shake things up.

Maybe you’re waiting for your turn to come around again (post kids, post husband, post whatever goes before you).

If ANY of this sounds like you, if you are waiting for your one and only life to be ANY other way, I’m talking to you.

Choose you. Choose joy. Choose it now. (please)

The Eight Pillars of a Joyful Life:
and the basis of our work together

Self – who you are
Relationship – who you love and who loves you
Family – the one you were born into, the one you made from scratch
Confidence – from invisibility to owning the room
Self expression – from setting boundaries to asking for what you want
Self acceptance – loving who you are
Identity – what you’re here to do
Legacy – what you will leave behind

no more waiting – this is your moment

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