Welcome to the Joyful Life Revolution

I believe that becoming a mom is not the end but the beginning of your journey 

there was a time where you believed
you could have anything, do anything, be anything
and then you became a mom
and your life got put on pause

your life became about doing it right
having the right kids
buying the right food
playing the right sports
wearing the right clothes
marrying the right guy
living in the right house
driving the right car

That shit is exhausting

what if “right” had a whole other meaning?

what if that other meaning was
the RIGHT to be fully self expressed
the RIGHT to be adored, supported and lifted up
the RIGHT to have the space held for you
by other women
as you held the space for them?

what if that other meaning was
to put yourself back in your RIGHTFUL place
at the top of your list, front and center
where you belong?

the Revolution is for women
who happen to be moms
who don’t necessarily do it right
and who embrace
their glorious imperfect selves
who want to grow themselves
who want to reclaim their badass
in the company of women
who are just like them

welcome sister
this is your time

Inspired? or possibly a little angry that you’ve wasted so much time?

When was the last time you put yourself FIRST?
(like really first, not like “it’s my birthday once a year for an hour” first)

When was the last time YOU felt gotten, understood, accepted?

When was the last time YOU were self expressed?

When was the last time you felt loved for who you are and who you aren’t?

When was the last time you caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and thought anything other than: she is AWESOME?

When was the last time YOU felt satisfied?

Here’s the truth:

99% of us don’t measure up to where we thought we’d be “by now”

that’s a tough pill to swallow

Being a mom is HARD

and one of the hardest parts is remembering who YOU are
(and how freaking magnificent THAT woman is)

You’d love her, if you got to know her

The Joyful Life Revolution is an opportunity to do that
to remember, to reinvent, to release and reframe and reimagine

to REVOLUTIONIZE how you do life

so that you get what you came for
and so the legacy you leave behind is worthy of who you are
that it reflects the amazing life you are here to live

it’s the 5 Cs: Community, Commitment, Confidence, Collaboration, Creation

if you want to Revolutionize your life in the company of other magnificent women, this is your moment!

food, sex, intimacy, time, energy, love, satisfaction are just a few of the areas of life that you will be FREE!

can you even?!!

If you’re wondering if this is for you, let’s talk!!

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