Imagine for yourself an evening of appreciation, authenticity and connection to other women and to yourself.  Imagine cooking together as an indulgent, creative, pleasurable, meditative practice to access life balance, fulfillment, clarity and joy.

The experience of cooking is the focus.  It’s the practice of slowing down.  Of being in each step.  Of noticing how it feels to chop and mince and julienne. Of satisfying sizzles and intoxicating aromas.  Of all of it coming together in a beautiful way whose end result is love on a plate.  A love letter to your family, to yourself, to anyone you care about.  It’s having the kitchen be your sanctuary.  A space of connection.  An easy place to go to connect to yourself when you are feeling lost or disconnected or creative.

The evening is also about being with other women. Being seen. Being in a sacred space where wisdom and knowledge and love flow freely.  It’s an opportunity to shed your judgements and your fears and to own that you are enough.  It’s about connecting with others and reconnecting with your true self, who you are at your deepest core. It’s an opportunity to unplug, breathe, be free. To release the pressure of being all things to all people all the time.

This is for you if:

you are craving community or feeling disconnected

cooking feels like a chore on your long list of “have tos”

somewhere along the way you lost your way and you are ready to reclaim yourself and your life  

This offering includes the beautiful meal you created, shared with your tribe

experiences are 3 hours

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*because true community happens over time