hey mama,

I am a mom, mama, mother
I am a also woman who “happens to be a mom”
for years I resented the mommy label
(made me think of bake sales and pta meetings, the junior league)
but the bedrock of motherhood that no one tells you about is the sacred part
the spiritual contract between you and your babies
the magnitude and magnificence of that honor
(however old they may be)

that is where your power lies, your joy, your pleasure, your freedom

Mother is profound and sacred
deeply sensual, bold and knowing
She is wisdom

She is her lineage
all the women that came before her and all that will come after and from her
Humanity itself rests on her fine and powerful shoulders

She dances with the wind. She is the wind
She is fire she is sun. She is undone.

She is within she is without

She is keeper of all things
skinned knees and school lunches
self love, pleasure
unshakably confident
gypsy, sorceress, goddess, queen

She lives inside you

If you desire to unearth her, join the circle of profoundly powerful mothers, the revolution

let’s find a time to talk



your joyologist, temptress, pleasure seeker, vixen, empath, intuitive, force for good
stand for humanity, believer in you and your unapologetically joyful life