here’s a little secret about me
i LOVE to save money
and I always think I can save money by doing “it”
whatever “it” is, myself

that I SHOULD be able to figure out pretty much anything

and often I can…EVENTUALLY
for simple things, no problem

but there are things in life that just require expertise

and those things are different for all of us

my “duh” may be your “aha” and visa versa

(AND I’ve got bigger fish to fry – don’t you?)

when I was having my kitchen remodeled
the mason told me that HGTV and the DIY craze
had gotten him more business than he could ever have envisioned
(experts make everything look SO easy)

so back to my CURRENT (and last, I swear!) time waster

I’ve been working on some new business things
upleveling HOW I do the “business end of business”

confession time:
that is NOT my strong suit

helping women create unapologetically awesome lives?
strategies for kicking ASS when life doesn’t look like the brochure?
completing the past so you can MARCH POWERFULLY into the future?


creating systems that link bank a to bank b
not so much

for THAT I need help

the truth is, I should have hired someone to help me with this months ago
but I thought I could do it myself

(you too?)

how hard could it be?
(I thought)

now it’s months later
and it’s still not done
AND I’ve spent SO much time trying to figure it out

what a waste of MY BRILLIANCE

are you wasting yours trying to do whatever IT is for you all by yourself?

do yourself a favor and cut it out

for the love of god

get help
do it now
life is short

stop wasting YOUR precious time

if your area of stuck
is my area of greatness
let me help you

here’s a link to book a mini clarity session
(my treat)

at the very least – make a list of your biggest time wasters and see how you can eliminate just one of them today