in my mom revolution group
a collective feeling has been bubbling up
with some of the women
unease, loss of self, overwhelm
mourning that elusive envisioned life

whether you are trapped
in a marriage that doesn’t fulfill you
a life that doesn’t fill fill you
or immersed in the seeming monotony
of never ending day in and day out
there is something that happens
in your 40s and 50s
where you reassess

the mad dash to the altar is over
you got married or didn’t
stayed married or didn’t
had children or didn’t
bought a house or didn’t
traveled the world or didn’t
worked or stayed home
the list goes on and on

whatever path your life led you to
here you now are
and the big question
the big most amazing question is
the big most amazing super duper powerful question is

now what?

do you know?

whether you are a party of five
or a table for one
how your life goes is up to you

what do you choose?

suffering or joy?

it’s up to you