last week I shared that I had a possible health concern
(I’m good it seems, thank god, just need to recheck in a month)

that said, that experience TOTALLY put things into perspective
not that I needed that necessarily, but there is something about the possibility of your own mortality that hits you in the face like a shovel, a heavy garden shovel, not a trowel

(so NOT in a good way)

unless it IS in a good way…

here’s what I mean

we ALL walk around like we’re NOT going to die one day
our expiration date is someday¬†“out there”

but there is something that I call “the BEST thing about”:

the car crash you walked away from
the diagnosis that actually went in your favor
the untimely death of someone you know
or ANY of the things that pull YOUR LIFE into FOCUS

as in – what DO I want my life to be about? AM I achieving that? AM I taking steps?

do I have a PLAN? a GOAL? an INTENTION?

am I loving myself up on a daily basis?

or am I going through the motions waiting for an epiphany, or a sign, or a something?

(by the way, if you are waiting for a sign, THAT’S A SIGN)

so just for fun

get a piece of paper, or a journal, or a blank word document and on the top write
“if this were my last day on earth, I would be SO GLAD that I got to:…”

and then write stuff, all the stuff, empty your mind into that list

THEN look and see what you’ve accomplished

(and celebrate the crap out of that stuff)

then look at all the rest

how do you feel?

are you complete?

or do you have some FISH TO FRY?

it’s never too late until it is

this may be the sign you’ve been waiting for

if it is, PLEASE stop screwing around and get moving

you can do this
you’ve got this
I believe in you

as usual, if you need help, you know where to find me