I was talking with a client the other day and we were creating a strategy for her to buy her first home


joy looks a lot of different ways
and encompasses a lot of different things

so we were talking about her big vision to buy her family home
and the conversations she and her husband had been having about it

did you take any action? I asked


you know, an action

you can talk and talk and talk and talk, for YEARS but
until you take some sort of action, your conversations just live “out there” somewhere

until you do 2 things

1) get connected to your compelling reason for having it
2) take an action to begin to pull it into existence

on my bliss walk this morning the phrase “sealed with a kiss” popped into my mind and i thought YES!

when you get married you say your vows
then you seal the deal with a kiss

then it’s official

(by the way, it’s not actually a legal requirement but I thought it would illustrate my point in kind of a fun way)

my client and I got clear about her compelling reason
then we came up with 3 small steps she would take in the next week to get the ball rolling

so, what are YOU talking (and talking and talking) about?

you ready to manifest that sh$%!?

what’s one little action you can take right now to move you measurably closer to that goal?

take it! (and then the next one and the next and the next) and before you know it, goal achieved!!

if you need help, I happen to be an EXPERT strategist

whatever you’re wanting
whether it’s a new home
to reinvent yourself
to dump that bad relationship
to create a new juicy one
a fab career
to be a better parent, friend, partner
to just live with more JOY

your next step just might be booking time with me to talk about how to create YOUR joyful life


you got this and I got you

I believe in you