I love a challenge

fitness, 30-days of selfies, 21 day video
name it and sign me up!

so after the 30-days of selfies
I noticed that I was wearing the same 2 shirts
in almost every pic

my pics were candid, brave, in the moment
but my, shall we say, “presentation” was lacking
so I started my own 30-day challenge
and invited others to join in

(always better together)

this one is called
30-day “own your womanly worth / dress for the life you want / did you shower today?” challenge

and a few people are actually doing it with me – yay

perhaps you’ve seen it on fb?

SO anyway
someone told me this morning
that posting all these pics of myself
is bad for business

the truth is
posting daily pics is for me
as much as for others, like you

for me, they are about integrity
showing up
doing what i said I would do
how I said i would do it
for as long as I said I would do it
even when I don’t want to
even when it’s uncomfortable

for you, they might be about
showing up for yourself
or noticing how you feel
about someone having the nerve to post pics of herself
angry or annoyed or judgey or wistful or inspired

whether you are out there in a big way
or hiding in plain sight
totally put together
or just look totally put together
or a hot mess
how your life goes is up to you

let me say that one more time

how your life goes is up to you

I risk looking like a jackass
to keep me moving measurably closer to my goals
and to perhaps inspire you to set some goals for yourself
and then start going for them every day
even when you don’t feel like it

I can’t post pics of the women I work with
the work we do is sacred and private
but I can post pics of myself
doing my best
living my best life
in your full view

if you want to know more
or join in the challenge
or talk about you and your best life

just let me know, okay?