when was the last time
for your marriage
for your friendships
for your business
for your life?

have you ever?
an incredible thing happened to me
when I did just that

I took responsibility
and I’ve never felt so free

I had it that
all the bad stuff
the negatives
the things that weren’t going
the way I wanted
or had envisioned
were someone else’s fault

I was brilliant at
pointing the finger
over there
crafty like a magician
so no one noticed
when I pocketed the spongy ball
or failed

skillfully I made others believe
it was them
and while
it wasn’t “just me”
in no way was it
“just them”

so I’m pointing the finger
at myself

my responsibility
my results
my mistakes
my power
my ability

to create something else

other outcomes
that I though lived somewhere
out there
as it turns out
live right here
within me

all I need is within me now

my future

my life

depends on me

and it has 

never appeared brighter