Friday inspiration from your joyful life strategist

Are you leading with pleasure?

(or is the programming you don’t even know you have running the show?)

Whenever I’m in New York staying at my moms I always go to this one specific coffee truck and get a coffee for my bliss walk

(did you know I walk with coffee?)

The coffee is terrible and there are many other options + my mother has great coffee at home but this is what I do.

It makes no sense and yet I do it over and over like a ritual.

What rituals do you have that really don’t serve you and yet you can’t seem to let them go?

What if you replaced familiarity with intention?

what if you checked in with yourself to see what you really wanted before you took any action?

What if you lead with pleasure?

What would life look like?

Can you even imagine?

I invite you to give it a try, just for today

If you’re thinking

no way

I couldn’t possibly

yeah but

I can’t because

a joyful, pleasure filled life is the result of the PRACTICE of pleasure and it can be learned

Is that great news or what?

I have your back

I believe in you