last night i was invited to an intimate evening led by one of my mentors Fabienne Frederickson – the topic was unapologetic pleasure

it was in stamford, ct and i invited LOTS of different women to go with me. all of them had a reason why they couldn’t

i started to think that maybe i didn’t want to go either. after all, it was all the way in ct, at night, on a school night

(plus truth be told, I’m a bit of a white knuckler on some roads and I really didn’t want to drive or go alone)

I spoke with another mentor and friend of mine, Sarah Walton

I was explaining why i wouldn’t be going to the event

“too far” i told her

“really?” she said


“well I think you should go”

“why” I asked

“because you never know” she said

so I got in the shower, got dressed, got in the car and left before I overthought it

(do you overthink things too?)

what happened in that room was miraculous, life altering, mind blowing

(and I survived the car trip)

it made me look at how often I overthink, put things in the way, choose practical over pleasure

THIS morning instead of running out of the house like a hot mess, I showered, applied lipstick and the custom blended signature oil gifted me by a clinical aromatherapist I know and love. i put on a dress, and “special occasion” underthings and then I started my day

at the supermarket, the meat guy flirted with me and I encountered not one unpleasant person, which is unusual at a shoprite in nj on a thursday morning

I treated myself to the beautiful organic strawberries that i normally think are too expensive and ended up getting them for free

I won a sub the next time I go (which I won’t eat but my daughter will be excited about)

I started saying “with pleasure” instead of “sure” and “okay”

I FEEL smart, beautiful, sexy, interesting, overflowing with confidence

I couldn’t wait to share it!

it’s been a win/win/win day