last week I shared what I learned from being sick in the face of BIG “my kid’s in camp for 3-weeks woot woot” plans

the take away was NOT that i had been really sick, though I thank you so much for your concern and well wishes

MY concern was that your focus was my illness when what I was sharing was “what i discovered” during said illness

It occurred to me that maybe you weren’t aware that your focus determines how life goes

on other words, what you notice creates your reality

so while my intention for last week was to share about the essential quality of “me time”, THIS is waaaay more important:

you and you alone determine the quality of your life

you control perception

be it awesome or awful it’s up to you

(and what you focus on)

AND that is a skill that can be learned (woo hoo)

a cheerful, silver lining, glass half full life can be cultivated!!

for fun, I invite you to try this little phrase, when things don’t go as planned (life rarely does):

“what’s great about this is…”

because if you look for the great thing, you will find it every single time

(the opposite is also true)

can you even?

so what will you do with that?

(I’d love to know!)