It’s almost that time of year again

you know, the time when you’re supposed to be snuggling by the fire
with all your nearest and dearest, and a list THIS LONG of party invitations
a closet full of presents, each selected with loving care, wrapped to perfection
that feeling of warmth and total satisfaction

(record scratch)

screw the holidays


this magnificent life you’ve been given

(not just when the calendar says it’s a special time)

the truth is

it’s just a friday
a regular old friday

there are 52 of them a year

AND each and every one of them can be AMAZING
or not so much – it’s completely up to you
it depends on what you choose

I have a new friend who just had a birthday
(happy birthday friend)

I suggested she celebrate herself all week long, or at least ALL WEEKEND

then I requested that she SHARE about how awesome it felt celebrating herself

I suggested that part because it’s SO easy to let things fall between the cracks when it’s “just for us”
(for others, not so much)

can you relate?

“oh, it wasn’t a big deal, it wasn’t important, it was fine”

FINE is the most toxic word in the English language

okay – maybe not the MOST – but it’s up there

it makes me want to shove pencils in my beautiful brown eyes
(see how I celebrated myself there?)
I’m asking you to do the same, as much as you can, every day

and accountability (shoot, I promised I’d brag about how awesome it was) keeps us IN IT TO WIN IT

(IT being that joyful life you deserve, and desire)

so how are YOU celebrating YOUR magnificent self and this fabulous life of yours?

(even though it’s just a friday)

will you share with me, or to really rock it – share with 5 people you know

what do you think? do you accept my challenge?

you’ve got this!

I believe in you!!