I recently returned from a trip “not feeling well”

I waited a day, then another and then another and still another

hoping it would pass

finally I thought

“I should go to the doctor”

so I did


I felt measurably better after the first day

of following the suggested course of treatment

and so on and so on until I was, well, well


so why did I wait?

how much time did I waste NOT feeling well?

how much did I NOT accomplish, experience, enjoy

while I was waiting and hoping?


I had an issue

there was a remedy for that issue

I followed doctors orders

I was my old self in a few days


would nature have taken its course eventually?


and maybe it would have gotten worse

maybe even measurably so

the cost of inaction

wasn’t just “feeling unwell”

it was lack of joy, it was lack of  freedom, it was everything

it was time to take action


cue the singing angels

dawn breaks over the rockies

an epiphany:

the divine wisdom and experience

of a trained professional

not one that you know

but one that you hire

is ALWAYS the best and fastest path

to getting you where you want to go

whether it’s a doctor to help make you well enough to play with your kids

or a mentor to help you create that juicy life you’ve been meaning to have


are YOU waiting for something to pass or happen on it’s own?

what is THAT costing you today?

what about tomorrow?

what about a year from now?

don’t wait for YOUR life to happen