what will YOU become?

so many women tell me their greatest fear
is growing old and regretting the things they didn’t do

the chances they didn’t take

the dreams they didn’t pursue

this little beauty is whole and complete as she is
and yet…

what she really is, is pure possibility

I keep her on my desk to remind me

to never stop growing
to never quit reaching
to have no regrets

that I am already perfect as i am and as I’m not

AND the sky’s the limit

that I anything I want for myself and my life
is there for the taking

(and I believe in my soul that’s also true for you)

conceive, believe, receive

this little beauty never burrowed
deep into rich, dark earth
breaking herself open into a million little pieces

so that she could achieve her dreams

her greatness

unique to her and her alone

what will you become?

I am a JOYFUL life coach

I believe in you
(and every last one of your dreams)