fearlessThis post took forever.  I found myself judging myself before you had a chance to.  I felt like what I had to say wasn’t good enough, wasn’t important, didn’t need to be said, was dumb and obvious and then…  and then I thought, how many others are out there thinking the same damn thing?  Do you?  Does your inner critic hold you back or worse, do you use your critic as an excuse NOT to have a that richly textured, extraordinary, joyful, juicy life you deserve?

If I listened to my marketing person, I would be using all the “right words”, the ones YOU say, the ones that make you feel like I’m speaking just to you.  My marketing person can suck it.  I say screw it.  I say enough.  I honor you and I honor myself and speak the truth, as I see it.  And ideally, my truth will pave the way for yours.

My legacy is to serve, as a coach and strategist. It’s not the “in thing”.  It’s not a quick and obvious way to make a buck.  It’s not “just common sense”.  It’s holding a place in my heart, just for yours, and dreaming big for you and with you, with actual, practical, strategies to move you powerfully toward your goals.  It’s walking that line between where the spiritual and physical worlds come together.  It’s breathing with you while you find the courage to go into the dark and scary places where fear and not good enough reside, so that we can unearth, together, the extraordinary warrior that lies within so that you can get what you came for, in your life, for your children’s lives, if you have any, and so on and so on.

Now, your turn.  Go!  Don’t be afraid.  I’m here if you need me.