I believe the time to ask for permission has come to an end… which brings me to my mom

I don’t know about you and your mom, but I LOVE mine

I feel lucky to have her – even when she gets on my last nerve

Well, maybe not then – but most of the time

She lives in the city so I always have a place to hang my hat

A cup of coffee or more recently a glass of wine to share

she’s got a full and rich life

She plays tennis 3 times a week, goes to the theater, ballet, the opera, she takes enameling at the JCC, she’s on the board of the upper west side community garden and has two plots there that she maintains herself

The woman’s a rock star

Did I mention she’ll be 87 this July?

So why am I talking about my mom today – In part it’s because I have a workshop on the city and I’m sitting in her living room writing this

On my phone so please forgive typos

But more than that, she lives life well, with gusto, and joy

She’s got a huge social network and a calendar to match

She is always up for anything and everything

But she didn’t just wake up one day and have all of these things

She cultivated her life, made room for herself, put herself at the top of her list

She took care of business

AND took care of us

I want to be her one day

She decided to live the life she envisioned and she made it happen

One foot in front of the other

She didn’t ask for permission

you don’t need to either

Just saying