Jump In      3-month Starter Series     

This program is for independent self starters who want to test the waters and establish a basic foundation.   You’ll craft a detailed personal mission statement, your own north star that will authentically and naturally guide you in navigating your life.  You’ll receive two 60-minute coaching sessions each month as we work to transform your struggles into strengths.  Each session will include “homework” designed to reinforce your progress between calls.  Included in this program are also optional monthly group experiences designed to create tribe and build community.

Expected Results:

You’ll find yourself smiling for no reason, being more effective at work and at play. You’ll begin to remember who you are as your confidence begins to emerge. You’ll begin to find your voice, and stand taller. You’ll relinquish self doubt. You’ll develop a new powerful relationship with yourself and your world.

Deep Dive      6-Month Immersion

The Deep Dive is for individuals who want to take consistent action over time to achieve their goals.  In this program in addition to crafting a detailed personal north star mission statement, you’ll create your own virtual  vision board.  You’ll receive bi-monthly 60-minute coaching sessions, independent home work, and optional monthly group experiences with your tribe.  In addition, you’ll receive “alternate week” ninja check in calls, plus additional, unlimited email access.  Lastly, you’ll be invited to participate in Monday Morning Mastermind calls for extra support.

Expected Results:

Your confidence will soar as you set and achieve goals with ease. You’ll be fully self expressed and fully self accepting. You’ll show up in your life as the woman you always wanted to be. Your relationships with flourish. You’ll stop asking for permission and live your life on your terms. You’ll dump self doubt like a bad habit.

VIP Experience      Full Day Intensive       

This VIP option is for those motivated, high achievers who want it all yesterday.  This option is perfect for that individual who has a very specific goal, though we will assess everything from what you’re eating, to how you spend your time, to what you do for fun.  We’ll go right to work decluttering, reorganizing and streamlining all of that so that what’s left will be your passionate, powerful, intentional, knowledgable and capable self, armed with an achievable action plan, and we’ll do it in 6-hours.  This option is not recommended for someone who has persistent struggles to work through as there is often more work to be done than can be achieved here.

Expected Results:

You’ll feel light and free once you’ve eliminated all the baggage you didn’t even know was weighing you down. From that place of nothing you’ll create a future you can’t wait to step into and a fearless attitude to get you moving on your way.

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