this weekend shop rite had gift wrapped
heart shaped meat
topped with a big bow!

did you see it?

good job marketing guy

(a woman would NEVER think that was a great idea)

my own, personal response was WTF?!!

normally on Mother’s Day
I write a lengthy tribute to each and every mama out there

doing the best she can
trying not to screw up too badly
knowing she’s enough
as she is and as she isn’t
that who she is matters
not just for her kids
but for herself
rocking this life of hers
getting what she came for
choosing joy and pleasure
filling her cup and her soul
as a daily practice
it is her right
it is your right
(I’m talking to YOU)

this year I just want you to know

You are magnificent
You matter
Your value is immeasurable

I am honored to know you

and I will never give you heart shaped, gift wrapped meat, not ever
pinky swear