my almost 12 year old daughter
illustrated the point I wanted to make to you this week
with perfection

here’s how it went:

we celebrate hanukkah
then my sister was here for christmas
and then it’s her birthday (the big 1-2) on january 4th

so she made a list of things she wanted
a very specific list
THEN she sent copies of it to my sister and my mom

she also hung a copy of it on the fridge
(where we would both be sure to see it every day)

do you know she got EVERYTHING on that list?

right down to the bills in denominations of $20 + $50

(that kid can manifest)

so here’s what I wanted to tell you

whether it’s presents from Santa
financial goals for your business
paying off credit cards
finding a new life partner
a trip to the bahamas
that house you drive by every day that you’d love to live in but that’s not for sale

whatever it is – WRITE IT DOWN

and then don’t keep it a secret

not only that, put it somewhere front and center
imagine what it would be like to have those things
take inspired actions
(even baby steps count)

then allow, allow, allow!!

please let me know how this goes!!

If you want help with this, I am offering private, down and dirty planning sessions

just you
just me
and your hopes, your dreams, your big vision for your life

we release where you are incomplete
we release shame
we release all the “stuck”, “didn’t happen” gremlins

then in the new space of all that gorgeous
available mental and emotional real estate
we get to work building your shiny future

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either way – don’t let your life just happen