The beauty of your default future is

you don’t have to do a damn thing to make it happen

it will, by definition, happen all on it’s own!  

how’s that for awesome?

or is it?


so here’s a question:

does your default future inspire you?

in other words

does your life bring you satisfaction and joy ongoingly

such that you’re like, yep, I’m good

OR do you find yourself craving something more 

but either you can’t quite put your finger on what it is 

or you gave up wanting THAT years ago

so you tell yourself that’s just how life is

while you wonder if that’s true


I’m calling bullshit

that’s NOT just how life is

at least it doesn’t have to be


do you know that there is no dream to big to dream it?

that you really can have the life you desire?

that all roads taken have lead you exactly to this place

to this moment?

and even if someone else is currently living YOUR dream

there is no one else exactly like you who would do it the way you would? 


sitting and waiting and hoping won’t get you there

but creating a plan

and implementing that plan

even just a little every day

keeping your eye on the prize

believing you can achieve it

while keeping the ball in play



or better still 

do what all great leaders, thinkers, sports figures, business professionals and happiest most fulfilled people do

and hire a fantastic mentor to help you build your vision

keep you on track, remind you of your greatness 

and believe in you even when you’ve forgotten how