When you were little
everyone wanted to know what you wanted to be when you grew up.
Parents, aunts, uncles, teachers,
It was a hot topic.

Now you’re grown and no one much cares.
As far as they are concerned
you’re good.
You’ve checked the boxes
or some of them anyway
and they can put a little check next to your name
and go back to worrying about their own imperfect lives.

So I want to ask you something:
How’s it going?
(it’s just us here)
Does it look how you thought it would?
Are you happy or joyful on a regular basis?
or is it pretty much “meh”
most of the time?

Would you be interested in knowing that it doesn’t have to be that way?

What if i told you that joy is a choice?
What if I said that I could help you create a joyful, juicy life
like the one you always thought you’d just magically have
but somehow don’t?

It isn’t magic
but it is 100% possible
just decide.

…of course there’s more
but deciding to live the life you imagined
is the first step.

Step 2 is booking a call with me to see how I can help!



So what??
So life isn’t rainbows and unicorns.
Who cares, right?

You’re bored and uninspired.
(Those are first world problems)
So what?

There is NO SHAME in living a giddy
“I can’t wake to wake up to see what tomorrow holds”
kind of life.

You don’t have to apologize to ANYONE for wanting that

and you know what?
(yes, you)

What is the COST of “merely existing”?
What is the IMPACT of “unfulfilled”?
What is the RIPPLE EFFECT of “uninspired”?
on your kids? on your spouse?
on your people, whoever they may be?

You are NOT HERE to “go through the motions” of living.
You are here to get that juicy, delicious life you came for
and EVERYONE, even people you don’t know yet,
benefits from your big, fat, JOYFUL LIFE!

So, how’s about YOU start taking YOUR life seriously

and book that call today?


testimonial-100x142I reached out to Emily because I knew that she would invest the time and the energy to help me through the issues that I wanted to deal with.  I knew that she would work with compassion and care even when the subject was a difficult one.

During our 3 month program, we focused on my relationship with food and eating, in particular the triggers to eating.  My objective was to eat according to the food plan that I had chosen, and I got that.  I also started to exercise more regularly and with more intensity, and to think differently about some of the items that were triggers for me.  The best part of working with Emily is that she obviously cared a tremendous deal about whatever I was dealing with, and made things seem possible.  She is very human in her approach, and was a kind of role model in that she deals with her human issues with a creativity and resolve that I felt I wanted to emulate.

 I would recommend Emily to anyone who needs personal coaching especially if the areas that one is dealing with are related to food, eating, relationship, life.  Thank you, Emily.

Awo Q

I contacted Emily after my position of 16 years with my company had been eliminated. Although I had received from my company outplacement services and the use of a transition coach, I quickly noticed that the coach was not there to assist me with all the emotional trauma that I was going through. But, only to help me with my resume, linked in profile and general strategies to get me back out looking for opportunities. But, what about the confidence that I was now lacking, and the huge hit to my self esteem? That’s where Emily stepped in.

Emily brought a whole new perspective to what had just happened to me, and gave me the tools to move forward. After being so identified with my career for 16 years, who was I? What was my identity? And, how could I maximize the time I now had during my search, to rediscover myself, to rediscover my children and to also do something that was just for me. Maybe what happened to me was a gift? And, I should embrace that and turn it around in my favor.

Working with Emily, she was able to show me how out of something so devastating, how I could create something positive. With her guidance and support, I felt I had the confidence to look around me, and notice what I had given up and missed for so many years. Each session had a perfect balance of a strong focus on my job hunt, along with positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make in my life. She helped me revaluate what was important to me and whether I was willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I wished to do in my working life. A whole new perspective, a whole new me!

Christine G

christinedyan_oEmily and I met as accountability buddies in a program we were in.  I quickly found out through our work together that Emily was an amazing coach.  At the time, I was really struggling with balancing my responsibilities of being a wife, a mom and a business owner.  As someone who has a very strong type A personality, I had conditioned myself to do everything for everyone else while sacrificing my own needs.  Emily helped me realize that it was okay to put myself first, and as a result of her coaching and weekly action steps, I have been able to maintain a routine of self care that allows me to thrive in my business while actually enjoying caring for my husband and three sons.

Christine D

It was by accident that I started getting coaching with Emily – serendipity I would say. I’ve had coach15727031_10154658773226005_3560823210767942763_ning from a lot of people but in the short time we’ve worked together I can see that her ability to see quickly into the heart of an issue and her great questions, lead to results. It is coaching the way it was meant to be. 

Lisa L