Joy is about your WHOLE life – it’s not having a Pollyanna view of the world.

It’s how YOU show up in the world and how THE WORLD shows up for you. 

Because you are an individual with your own set of unique life experiences, choices, roads taken and not taken, you have reached this moment with your own vision, dreams, expectations, met and unmet desires and what is next for you.

In order to support and honor you where you are, I offer several different ways to work with me: privately, in groups, on line and in person.

One-to-one coaching is for the woman who wants it how she wants it. She does things on her terms, in her timeframe and knows she is ready to invest in achieving her specific goals now.

This premium service is private and can be in person or on the phone.

Group courses are for the woman who knows she wants something, but can’t exactly pinpoint what that something is and she is excited to be part of a community of women who she can be herself with. Investing in herself is the first step of realizing and owning her value. She is in it to win it.

This group service is 100% on line, and features both prerecorded trainings and weekly live sessions plus a 24-hour on line community.

Joyful experiences are for the woman who just wants to dip a toe in the water of transformation. She is curious about what personal development might mean for her, and for now, she’s just checking it out.

Joyful experiences run the gamut from group cooking circles, to new moon rituals and single private sessions. They are primarily live, and in person.