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Mama Bear

Hi, I’m Emily and I get it
I’ve been in the personal development world for over half my life and I’m here for you
I know that you’re capable of being, doing, having, feeling more
I get it because I’ve been there and now I’m here

After years of trying to be happy
being someone I wasn’t
trying to fit in, trying to be satisfied
with all the “boxes” I’d managed to check
(and I checked them all)
trying be enough

I woke up one day and said, “enough”
enough of trying to be enough
enough of not knowing who I was anymore
enough of not loving myself enough to demand more for myself
just, enough

So I built something brand new
something that reflected the best, most powerful
magnificent parts of me
something where I get to shine and breathe and be free
something I get to proudly share
with other women
and with my young daughter
who will learn everything she knows
about being a woman, a friend, a mother, a wife
from me

our daughters become us
our sons will marry us

My daughter deserves more
and so do I
and so, my friend, do you

I can help you become the joyful, magnificent woman
you always wanted to be
the one you always knew you were
unapologetically, courageously, fiercely, joyfully

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