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the mindset of pleasure

last night i was invited to an intimate evening led by one of my mentors Fabienne Frederickson - the topic was unapologetic pleasure it was in stamford, ct and i invited LOTS of different women to go with me. all of them had a reason why they couldn't i started to think that maybe [...]

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when to let go

for a long time I talked about my divorce the toll it took, how I am now free   I stopped talking about it because I am in a new space life looks good, positive like anything is possible   and now I am working with a woman who is reimagining HER marriage she [...]

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there are no shortcuts

4 exercises 5 secrets 8 surprising habits just fing shoot me THAT is not wisdom that is manipulative marketing yuck it makes me angry it's not what we want there are no short cuts you have to feel the feelings do the work take the time work YOUR plan (not the one that worked [...]

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it’s not just you

almost every woman I know feels isolated, unworthy, not good enough lonely, even in a crowd perhaps you can relate   your value comes from your children and their accomplishments their grades, their sports, where they will go to college how popular they are or aren’t   or your husband his magnificent, or not, [...]

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being a mom is HARD

like marriage is hard people tell you that but you don't know what they mean until you're in it it's probably different for everyone  while being exactly same I would imagine   the thing about MOM is that all you are  or were is suddenly over and you didn't get the memo though you [...]

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choosing you

Today on fb I saw an ad for a guy who has a company called “catchhimandkeephim” wherein his own brand of dude wisdom is for sale - a how to catch and keep your man, by following his step by step plan of dos and don’ts, lest Mr. Right run screaming in the other [...]

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that bright, shiny future of yours

it is an ongoing process there are day when you you are like “yes!” and there are days where you are the opposite of that there are days that are “no! oh no! god no!” but then there are the days that are “yes! oh yes! hell yes!” and eventually those days will overshadow [...]

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girl in a box

there was a movie called girl in a box it was based in a true story about a young woman that was abducted and held captive in a box for seven years what I discovered is unlike that girl many women live in a box of their own design and their own creation and [...]

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what are YOU waiting for?

I recently returned from a trip “not feeling well” I waited a day, then another and then another and still another hoping it would pass finally I thought “I should go to the doctor” so I did   I felt measurably better after the first day of following the suggested course of treatment and [...]

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