Over the years, I have discovered that there are four zones that most find themselves in, though it is not uncommon to associate with more than one at a time.  The common denominator is support and accountability to move you through it with compassion, integrity and love.


Zone One – Achiever

You get things done.  To the outside world you look like super mom, or superwoman, able to be at soccer, lacrosse and dance all at the same time all while magically producing poster board for the science fair, brownies for the bake sale and centerpieces for the fundraiser so stunning Martha Stewart would take notice, not to mention keeping the home fires burning.  So why do you feel so empty?  Somewhere along the way you got lost and you realize you’ve been so completely immersed in everyone else’s life you forgot to have one of your own.  What you need most is a reminder that you have permission to have a your own life, time to to dream about what that might look like and a loving guide to gently nudge you in that direction.

Zone Two – Contemplator

You do a lot of thinking with little or no action.  Perhaps it’s fear, perhaps you’re a wee bit insecure and lacking confidence.  Regardless of what’s got you stuck, you need a confidant, a cheer leader, an action plan and a gentle kick in the pants to get you moving toward toward your vision be it changing careers, going back to work, starting a business, leaving a spouse or a lover, doing something big or doing something small.

Zone Three - Creator

You’re a creator if you’ve already made a decision and taken action.  You’ve thrown your hat over the fence and now you’re faced with what to do next.  What you need now is someone other than your mom to tell you you did the right thing plus real structures and strategies to get you where you want to go and an accountability coach to keep you moving forward, especially when backward looks so appealing.

Zone Four - Survivor

You’ve had a decision made for you and you need support around dealing with the fallout be it divorce, job loss, job loss of a spouse, financial hardship, death or diagnosis of a loved one.  After a few really good hugs, what you need is a plan for self care so that you don’t fall apart while your external world experiences some tremors.  Life will go on and you will go with it.  You need a plan that will powerfully pull you through.