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what’s your legacy?

This post took forever.  I found myself judging myself before you had a chance to.  I felt like what I had to say wasn’t good enough, wasn’t important, didn’t need to be said, was dumb and obvious and then…  and then I thought, how many others are out there thinking the same damn thing?  [...]

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grow or die

It is a natural part of life and expression of ourselves to grow; to blossom and transform, to authentically stretch and expand into our true callings, our most authentic, natural selves.  To deny or or interrupt that process is to begin to die, slowly and painfully.  On my walk this morning I had a [...]

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joyful reminders

my little girl is almost 10.  she has grown up so quickly sometimes it doesn’t feel real. she’s smart and sassy and very independent, when she wants to be.  so much so that I almost forget sometimes that she’s just a baby.  amidst all the videos, minecraft, make up, and manicures, my baby [...]

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