showing up

I love a challenge fitness, 30-days of selfies, 21 day video name it and sign me up! so after the 30-days of selfies I noticed that I was wearing the same 2 shirts in almost every pic (yuck) my pics were candid, brave, in the moment but my, shall we say, "presentation" was lacking [...]

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i love puzzles, do you?

when I’m walking I find myself thinking about how to rearrange my furniture, as if by having it in exactly the right place, life will snap into sharp focus with a satisfying click like a big puzzle But honestly life doesn’t work like that There are moments of satisfaction, and clicking but there are [...]

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best love letter ever!

I just wanted to remind you, in case you forgot, how special you are I am present to your magnificence, I know how hard you try and how you show up every day (even when maybe you don't feel like it)! please take a minute to celebrate YOU today dear (insert your name) I [...]

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what will you become?

what will YOU become? so many women tell me their greatest fear is growing old and regretting the things they didn’t do the chances they didn’t take the dreams they didn’t pursue this little beauty is whole and complete as she is and yet… what she really is, is pure possibility I keep her [...]

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it’s not a calendar, it’s a PLANNER!

It’s not a calendar it’s a PLANNER it’s designed to hold your time in SACRED increments ones that you have DESIGNATED to create the life you want while also keeping track of your dentist appointments, PTA meetings, birthdays, among other things WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? (for this one and only life you’ve been given) the [...]

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the big lie

It’s not you, it’s me we’ve all heard that 1 million times(it’s actually a joke at this point) I’m going to say something revolutionary, and probably unpopular: it’s YOU (and there’s so much freaking power there!) if you aren't living a JOYFUL LIFE that inspires you daily, it's you I underwent an amazing transformation [...]

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my biggest time waster

here's a little secret about me i LOVE to save money and I always think I can save money by doing "it" whatever "it" is, myself that I SHOULD be able to figure out pretty much anything and often I can...EVENTUALLY for simple things, no problem but there are things in life that just require expertise [...]

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