your default future

The beauty of your default future is you don't have to do a damn thing to make it happen it will, by definition, happen all on it's own!   how's that for awesome? or is it?   so here's a question: does your default future inspire you? in other words does your life bring [...]

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a birthday message

it's my birthday!! my daughter promised me breakfast in bed but I’ve been up for hours and she is out cold so for now I’ll share some birthday wisdom   I have learned along the way that time does not heal wounds it won't mend your bad marriage or your crap job or your [...]

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I’m not shiny

as a child I loved taking things apart to see what made them go sometimes I had more success than others I once fixed a blender I once destroyed the wind up music from my most loved dog affectionately known as “one ear” so it wasn’t a great leap for me to help people [...]

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to care for a marriage

I did not take care of mine I did not look to see what it needed I did not run to it when it cried out in pain I did not search for exactly the right thing to make it happy I did not dress it in adorable clothes I did not tell it [...]

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taking radical responsibility

when was the last time you took RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY? for your marriage for your friendships for your business for your life? have you ever? an incredible thing happened to me when I did just that I took responsibility and I’ve never felt so free I had it that all the bad stuff the negatives [...]

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gremlins, anyone?

this morning I was talking with my coach about my gremlins anyone else have those? mine were named: stupid can't not good enough unworthy and who, you? and I wanted to put them in a box and stick them in the back of my closet on a very high shelf but today I saw [...]

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unapologetically fulfilled

What a ride.  You might know that I've been in a transitional space, finding out who I am in this world and what my contribution is.  Are you with me? I came upon this great quote: “If you have an opportunity to make things better and you don't, then you are wasting your time [...]

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life is hard, soup is easy

Some days really feel more daunting than others.  This is one of those days.  A joyful life is not always, if ever, about rainbows and unicorns.  What it is is being in the moment, taking the next right step and most important, self care.  So today, when you get home, snuggle up in a much [...]

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what’s your legacy?

This post took forever.  I found myself judging myself before you had a chance to.  I felt like what I had to say wasn’t good enough, wasn’t important, didn’t need to be said, was dumb and obvious and then…  and then I thought, how many others are out there thinking the same damn thing?  [...]

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grow or die

It is a natural part of life and expression of ourselves to grow; to blossom and transform, to authentically stretch and expand into our true callings, our most authentic, natural selves.  To deny or or interrupt that process is to begin to die, slowly and painfully.  On my walk this morning I had a [...]

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