tissue alert

Yesterday was our last “pediatric dr” visit My girl had been after me for months to find something not so “little kid” So yesterday while we waited to be called in, amidst the sounds of crying babies and high voiced toddlers, I made the call It's the end of an era Goodbye gaily painted [...]

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this is your time

I was thinking about my mom revolution group of 700 (perfect women masquerading as imperfect moms) and asking myself the question, why are they here? what had them join? how can I serve them better? here's what I see most women want: to fit in to have a great friend group to feel successful [...]

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too excited to not share this!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to Mexico for a 7-day pleasure retreat 🔥 I’ve moved through anxiety from being away from my girl and all the negative “what ifs” and am now in excitement mode That lifelong conditioning of suffering and sacrifice and worry takes noticing before you can choose something else Imagine saying yes to [...]

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it’s my birthday!!!

yesterday I got this, spontaneous little love dart from a client and it brought me great joy and inspired this letter add the birthday and i found myself requesting on fb that everyone share / post the first word that came to mind when they thought of me (something about a birthday ignites the [...]

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THIS is everything

last week I shared what I learned from being sick in the face of BIG “my kid’s in camp for 3-weeks woot woot” plans the take away was NOT that i had been really sick, though I thank you so much for your concern and well wishes MY concern was that your focus was [...]

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I was down for the count!

Last week was the final week of my daughter being in camp and I had BIG plans for the time she was away - it was meant to be my 3 weeks of YES!! (as a single mom and small business owner, summer is a big challenge time-wise so I was thrilled to have [...]

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listening to the wrong people?

My (former) lawn guy told me this gorgeous, thriving plant was dead Grass cutting is in his wheelhouse. So is doing a semi-decent job blowing debris off the patio. But plant whispering brilliance? Not so much. At the time Spring hadn’t sprung yet, but not only was he wrong, he was arrogant, jerking a [...]

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my college boyfriend

my college boyfriend always said this: "you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band" (he was a classy guy) and i was thinking about how so many of us feel betrayed on some level by our choices we wanted kids, marriage, the house, that life, then we just feel... stuck (in the doing doing [...]

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