every Valentine’s Day I trot out my favorite valentine – the love letter to yourself

after all this is the day of self-love so let your self love sink in – the love for the exquisite woman you are the exquisite mother, sister, daughter, aunt, rockstar bad ass all of it ❤️and take a few minutes to acknowledge her (ahem, you)

(men too – insert father, son, brother, uncle, and of course, rockstar badass)

dear (insert your name)

I am so inspired by you every day, how (adjective) and (adjective) and (adjective) you are. My heart is bursting with pride. I know that (what you are up to), and sometimes (where you struggle), but I just want you to know that (celebrate the shit out of yourself here).

I believe in you.

(insert your name)

love you madly,


for extra credit, sign in, print it and hang it somewhere you will see it

for double extra credit, send this to at least one friend today!

if you’re a dude, make one for yourself (dudes need self love too) and then make one for your partner in crime – you know, modifying it for her – all any of us want is to be seen, heard and valued – here’s your chance to do it in writing!