I was speaking with a woman who participated in the first ever Joyful Life Revolution, my twelve-week group program designed to create joyful practices for every day living.

We talked about all that had transpired during our time, the good, the not so good, the unpredictable, and referencing a particularly difficult situation she had experienced she said something that made my heart ❤️ SWELL:

“thankfully I was under your care”

and I thought – YES! hallelujah! 🙌 that’s what I want!

for the women I help to feel supported and loved and cared for by me, like it matters that it’s them, and that I’ve GOT them

it’s also what I want for myself in the programs I invest in as I grow myself personally – to be under someone’s care, to not feel ever like a dollar sign, like it doesn’t matter that it’s me

in fact, I recently withdrew from a very sexy, very high end, small group program with someone whose inner circle I had dreamt of being a part of, because I felt unimportant, not cared for, not ever, and I knew deep down we weren’t a fit, no matter how cool it sounded

because guess what – I get to decide whose care I place myself under and so do you

if you have any interest in being under mine as you grow yourself and your joyful life, the next Revolution starts December 1st – and I’m having conversations now

here is the link to schedule a call – if you suspect we may be a fit:

as usual NO pressure

love you so