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best valentine of all time!

every Valentine's Day I trot out my favorite valentine - the love letter to yourself after all this is the day of self-love so let your self love sink in - the love for the exquisite woman you are the exquisite mother, sister, daughter, aunt, rockstar bad ass all of it ❤️and take a few minutes to [...]

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hey beautiful!

hey, you are beautiful, and not just when someone manages to snap a good pic of you, though that never hurts. what I mean is: you. are. beautiful. every day. all the time. even when you overeat. even when you don't shower. even when you're having a crummy mom or a bad sister or [...]

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thank you 2019

I wish you a beautiful time ushering out 2019 my feelings about it were mixed there were the "pinch me" parts that i couldn't quite believe were real and then there were the "you've got to be fucking kidding me" parts that I was pissed were real but in the end, when all is [...]

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for YOU

it's testimonial tuesday so I sat down to write a post to my local women entrepreneur group (it's a weekly thing we do) but today, I want to honor YOU (insert your name) is magnificent she shows up every day even when she doesn't feel like it she shines though most of the time [...]

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I know it’s scary to let go

I wrote this poem yesterday the end of the decade feels significant - those chunks of time are you where you want to be? doing what you want to do with whomever you want to do it? living your life your way? this is the moment you've been waiting for the one where you [...]

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black friday

here’s the deal with black friday - (there is no deal) - every day is what you make of it, literally like this cheese / charcuterie board yesterday I was blessed to go to my cousin’s house in verona (yep a short 12 short minute drive - can I get a woo hoo?) so [...]

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thanksgiving favorite

if this sounds familiar I sent it last year like my mom's pancetta rosemary potatoes it's good every year the thing about thanksgiving is it's freaking exhausting physically emotionally all the ways whether you cook or not host or not travel near travel far or if you don't travel at all if you're with [...]

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whose care are you under?

I was speaking with a woman who participated in the first ever Joyful Life Revolution, my twelve-week group program designed to create joyful practices for every day living. We talked about all that had transpired during our time, the good, the not so good, the unpredictable, and referencing a particularly difficult situation she had experienced [...]

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letting the cat out of the bag

on the bus to the city the other day there was a woman “smuggling” in a cat (animals aren’t allowed on the bus) she had it tucked away in a bag and you could hear the cat crying, mewing pitifully she didn’t understand why she was in a bag she didn’t know where she [...]

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